Wake up at 6:47 AM

拿起床头的手机, 看到的是早晨六点四十七
不知从什么时候起, 每天都在这个时候醒来

有时候五点多就醒了, 然后继续睡
但到六点四十七时候, 仍然会醒来

我在手机上设定了3个闹铃, 分别是七点, 七点十分, 七点二十
七点整的时候我会醒, 七点十分准备起床, 七点二十马上就起来

I wake up at 06:47 every morning these days
I dont know when this start

Sometime I woke up at 5 AM and then back to sleep
but I still woke up at 06:47

I had made three wake-up alarms on my phone
they are 07:00, 07:10 and 07:20

I always wake up at 07:00
after 07:10 I prepare to get up, I get up really at 07:20

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