I am in Sài Gòn

I just asked for ticket fare of train from Saigon to Hanoi, it is about 900,000VND-1100,000VND, so crazy. If I fly, I just need to pay 1580,000VND, and take me 2 hours. I can’t choice Open Bus, it take me too long time, even it is cheapest. So I don’t know what would I choice, train or fly?

And I also don’t know where I will go after I reach Hanoi, Yunnan or Guangxi?

Just walk around the city, for nothing, just walking. I went to 4 bookstores yesterday, they have some great english books, but I can’t buy them, it is not a great thing to bring them to China, and so I just buy a VCD and a book about Vietnamese language which with 2 cds.

I spent much my time to sit in the park, I think that is a great park. I even don’t think about anything, that is ture.

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